ITTIA DB SQL is a relational database management software product for embedded systems and intelligent mobile devices. It is a full-featured robust data management technology that scales down to meet the constrained resource requirements of embedded systems. Products built with ITTIA DB SQL are fast and scalable, and run on modern operating systems such as Windows, Linux, INTEGRITY, QNX, ThreadX, Nucleus, μcOS-II, μcOS-III, and VxWorks – even with a custom file system and without an operating system. ITTIA DB SQL is cross-platform and applications embedded with it run on ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, x86 and desired custom hardware platforms.

ITTIA DB SQL offers benefits in its modular architecture that enable customers to create highly optimized and reliable systems with low total cost of ownership. With ITTIA DB SQL, manufacturers build robust, high-value products, with no database administrator, to store, manage, analyze, connect, and distribute data.

ITTIA DB SQL is a solid database framework for the development of a variety of mission critical systems from consumer electronics, medical devices, robotics, industrial automation, and solar systems to many other markets.

New whitepaper comparing ITTIA to SQLite.

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