IoT Security via ITTIA

Search for ‘IoT’ and ‘security’, and 27M + hits later and you will see that the Achilles heel of pushing forward IoT is security and how to protect IoT devices from sabotage, eaves dropping, etc., etc.

Now there is a sure fire way to be protected from external attack and that’s not to be connected to the Internet.
Very amusing, but in fact true, if you can carry out work such as data harvesting off the Internet then do that.

But what about updating a back-end repository?
Not a problem, with ITTIA and some know how, it is possible to engineer a solution which connects to the Internet as required and replicates data onto the backend server with full handshaking and rollback capabilities, leaving the IoT devices to be reset to carry on harvesting all the while saving energy.

100% hacker proof.

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